Build web forms and surveys fast and easy!
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Save money!

Stop paying and waiting for developers to code or change your web forms.

Fast Response

Keep up to date with instant confirmation messages and advanced notification rules.

Save time!

No installation! Just copy your form code and paste it into your website.

More features

Everything you need to build forms and surveys, analyze submissions, send newsletters and manage user accounts.

White label

Rebrand your account with your logo and domain name.

Form themes

Customize look and feel of your forms with Easyformit theme editor.

Unlimited websites

Use your forms across multiple websites.

Branching and logic

Focus and ask relevant information.

Instant notifications

Send customized notification and confirmation emails after form submission.


Send personalized newsletters to users that submit forms.


Advanced visitor and submissions analytics.

Submission reports

Monitor the average responses and time spent completing your forms.

Spam protection

Secure your forms from spammers with advanced CAPTCHA protection.

User management

Empower your clients to access and manage their own forms.

24x7 monitoring

Powered by secure web servers with multiple levels of data protection.

Professional looking

Easy to create professional looking forms in just minutes.

EasyFormIt is cloud service with an easy to use interface to create any type of web form, send newsletters, plus collect and analyze received submissions.

How does it work?

  1. 1

    BUILD a web form.

  2. 2

    PASTE your form code into your website.

  3. 3

    COLLECT form submissions.

Want to know more?

The Easyformit web application is a full suite of tools needed to build, analyze, and manage web forms. No coding needed! Everything is hosted in the Easyformit cloud, just copy and paste the form code into your website and your form is ready to work for you. Don’t like to copy and paste? You can even use a direct link to your form page!

Take a look at the full Easyformit feature set to see what it can do. Want to test more? Sign up for a free account for a test-drive.